Mr. Bar & Bowtie paves the way for unique boozy experiences whether it be behind a bar or out at your event. As an influential voice in the bar world, let Yancy work together with you to create something magical!

Since 2013, at the age of 18, Yancy has been slinging drinks, doing photography, and working events to hone in his craft that’s brought him the prestige and accolades earned. It wasn’t until 2018 that he decided to start writing about all of his endeavors. During that year, he learned through trial and error which direction his work ethic and passion would take him. That’s where we are now.

If you’re looking to hire a bartender for your private party, shoot some content, partner up promotionally, or work out any sort of hospitality consultation, Yancy Violi is YOUR go-to for any help you need, His personality with clients and guests matched with his ability to go above and beyond what’s needed for any job in this business seriously make Bar & Bowtie a serious force to be reckoned within this social media driven world we now live in.

Take the time below and see the work that Yancy has accomplished in less than two years. Here are some of his biggest works you can find under the portfolio section:

  1. Cocktail creationist and sole bartender for Netflix’s celebrity parties. LINK HERE.

  2. Previous host of the World’s 50 Best Bars, for the first time in NYC at the Guastavino. LINK HERE.

  3. Sponsored host of Bella NYC Mag’s Cover Issue Party featuring Christie Brinkley with PLUSH Vodka. LINK HERE.

  4. NYC’s Celebrity Bartender hosts social media networking event partnered with @melgfit, @chrisnicholasmarketing, @somniumlife, and @brendonwilde. LINK HERE.

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